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Genetic testing and family planning


Elysion Improving


Tuesday 31st January | 15:00

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Understand your genes with DNA test
A DNA test analyzes your genetic code for predispositions to disease risks, composition of your diet, athletic performance, medication metabolism, and much more. Knowing your genetics can improve your health in all of these areas.

Discover your disease risks, ideal diet, predispositions, and metabolism
When you have your DNA and lifestyle analysis ready, you get personalized recommendations for your health.

Family planning
Find out if you are a carrier of a common recessive disease. These are diseases that are unlikely to affect you but may affect your children. 

Preventive healthcare in your mobile application
The Macromo application combines data about your lifestyle and your DNA analysis. It brings interactive overviews and actionable recommendations. All recommendations are well-structured and written in an easy-to-understand language. Based on your results, you can book a medical consultation or choose specific preventive examinations.

Next-generation personalized prevention
DNA tests determine your health risks which you can influence by early action and lifestyle changes. By knowing your risks, you can take control of your health.

Product description


Genetic testing - DNA test kit

Diseases are caused by a combination of risk factors that must be considered in their entirety, namely genetics, lifestyle, and environment. Commonly used general recommendations are incomplete and result in ineffective prevention. Maybe you already track your lifestyle or take preventive lab tests but you do not know what affects your disease risks and what steps should be taken to reduce them.

In partnership with Macromo and Altoa Medical Tourism, we bring a revolutionary change in genetic testing, prevention, and family planning. Quality analysis of the most important parts of your DNA is the first step in preventive healthcare. After receiving your results in your mobile app, you will be offered preventive and diagnostic examinations and tests at our partner medical facilities. You will feel more confident about your health and able to avoid certain diseases. You will receive reports related to disease risks, especially cancer risks, nutrition and diet, sleep patterns, physical predispositions, fitness and sport, family history and family planning. Family planning report will reveal if you are a carrier of a common recessive disease that is unlikely to affect you but may affect your children.

Another benefit of our DNA testing is an expert consultation of your results to make you understand them better. You receive personalized recommendations for any further medical examinations and prevention programmes. You can choose from two types of DNA tests, the Macromo DNA test, and the Macromo Pro DNA test.

Company bio

Elysion company was founded in January 2022 in Dubai, Jumeirah Lakes Towers and its main focus is to provide various services in the healthcare industry. We are focused on our clients' health improvement by using progressive technologies in medicine.

We act as a local front-end representative for one of the largest healthcare providers in the Czech Republic. The origins of the holding date back to the ends of the last millennium. Over several decades, the company has grown to include several medical facilities, pharmacies and medical specializations and now is considered to be one of the largest and most successful healthcare providers not only in the Czech Republic.

To our clients, we provide services in the field of Medical Tourism, Hospital Devices, Smart Health Care, DNA Testing, Consultancy, Travel Agent and Marketing and PR. 



Eva Kuttichova 
Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer

Eva Kuttichova is a co-founder of Macromo, where she leads design and development of digital products. Before, she has worked as a lead product designer for companies such as DoorDash, ClickUp, Byju's Future School, and several startups.

Michal Pohludka 
Co-Founder of Macromo, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of GeneSpector, Vice-Chairman of Charles University Innovations Prague

Michal Pohludka is a graduate biochemist with a PhD in molecular biology. For more than ten years, he worked in various management positions for the global American company Bio-Rad Laboratories in the Central and Eastern Europe region. He is the author of several motivational and scientific books in the field of biomedicine as well as management of companies. He has combined his knowledge and experience from both fields to manage biotech spin-off companies GeneSpector and GeneSpector Innovations, which have become successful on a global level and exceeded $20 million in sales within the first 18 months. His successful career has also led him to join the board of Charles University Innovations Prague, a technology transfer company.