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29 January - 1 February 2024

Dubai World Trade Centre

How to reach top performance in healthcare?


Kaizen Institute


Wednesday 1st February | 16:00

Transformation Zone | P.L10




Kaizen supports organisations for disruption and ensure that advantages and high performing results are achieved. The Kaizen moto is to guarantee the best service to the patient, maximizing quality, productivity and efficiency.  Kaizen helps to understand the process from end to end, identify gaps and implement necessary changes for the organization excellence. Kaizen will guide you along the continuous improvement journey.

During the showcase, real cases will be presented, showing the initial situation, the Kaizen approach and results achieved.

Company bio

Kaizen Institute partners side-by-side with clients to help them improve sales quality, cost, delivery, service and motivation, which leads to better results, growth, sustainability and development. Our system is focused on long-term and people-based excellence methodologies that help transform any organization’s culture.

Kaizen Institute was the pioneer in the field of Continuous Improvement and Lean Management, when it was founded in 1985 by the father of KAIZEN™, Masaaki Imai. Since then we have been supporting Multinational companies through our vast presence in more than 60 countries all over the world.

We work with people at all levels to equip them with the principles and tools necessary to enhance only value-added activities. As a result, business goals are achieved early in the process, while still building a long term commitment, throughout the entire organization, to Continuous Improvement as a way of working and managing.

Kaizen Institute provides authentic, holistic and practical services worldwide through consultation, training and certification programs, seminars, networking events, benchmarking tours, insight tours, award programs, and various publications including books.



Pedro Meira Ramos
EMEA Head of Health Care
Kaizen Institute

Pedro Meira Ramos started his activity at Kaizen Institute in 2011 and is currently the EMEA Head of Health Care. In recent years he has been essentially focused on the development of Health Care sector as well as coordinating Health Care Global projects. Pedro has participated in different Kaizen Healthcare projects across several Healthcare units, Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmaceutical Industries, Laboratories and Supply Chains, achieving results at Benchmark level. He is passionate with disruptive innovation, efficiency and strategy.