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Monday 30th January | 16:00

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Bassem Hashash, Regional Director for META / APAC will present Proximie, the software platform that allows clinicians to virtually "scrub in" to any operating room from anywhere in the world, empowering them this way to share their expertise and reduce variation in care. Proximie is on a mission to unlock the potential of digitization in the operating room in an effort to improve patient outcomes and drive efficiencies across healthcare systems.

Product description


Product overview

Proximie is on a mission to transform the future of surgery through a patented platform where doctors can virtually transport themselves into any clinical setting to visually and practically interact and collaborate. We deliver a digitally connected operating room where every single action, every single device, every single touch, and exchange can be recorded, digitized, and channeled through Proximie to help inform best practice.

Proximie works according GDPR and HIPAA in full compliance, multi-cloud-based platform that is software-centric, hardware-agnostic and provides real time data capture, video, and audio communication, recording, and storage globally. Proximie is also compliant with every country’s local regulation in terms of hosting, media server use, and localized storage.

Proximie is a software platform that allows physicians and medical device experts to virtually scrub-in to any operating room or Cath lab, from anywhere in the world.

Proximie streams, records, and stores all visual and audio content in a personalized video library, which, with a secure username and password and two-factor authentication, is easily accessible from any device, at any time, from anywhere. These videos can be leveraged for future use in collaborative reviews to get deeper understanding of the procedures and to inform best practice.

How does it work

Proximie is an easy-to-use Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge based platform (without the need to download any software) which can display four simultaneous live video feeds at the same time; including any medical device (imaging, cameras, navigation, fluoroscopy, robotics, scopes, ultrasound, ECG, and any other device with video output), as well as regular cameras (webcams, room cameras, overhead cameras, wearables etc.), and other supporting requirements (screen sharing from laptops or mobile devices).

Healthcare practitioners can remotely interact in a procedure or assessment from start to finish, and mentor a local clinician through a live operation, in a visually and intuitive way providing verbal instructions, draw or overlay important patient scans or X-rays, and virtually reach into the clinical field to provide precise guidance.

The software is hardware agnostic, which means that you can connect with just a smartphone or tablet, and it needs low bandwidth to support the platform allowing people to connect from anywhere. Participants can connect across existing communication bearers, e.g., 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

To aid live case collaboration, users have access to the following features:

  • Inviting up to 30 participants to join a live session,
  • Joining the session from the mobile application (on iOS and Android),
  • Up to 4 independently streamed real-time videos and two-way audio interaction,
  • Video input from diagnostic tools viewable by both the deployed and assisting surgeon,
  • Annotations: using unique colors for each participant to interact with the surgeon during the surgery,
  • Real-time overlay of diagnostics in digital form (e.g., X-rays),
  • Native Chat function: that can be used by all participants to engage without having to use audio,
  • Customizable viewing experience; without affecting the view of other participants. This includes video feed expansion, digital zoom, and remote PTZ camera manipulation when applicable,
  • Playing video picture-in-picture,
  • Screen sharing as a host and as a participant,
  • Face-to-face; whether participants are in the operating room or joining remotely, they can see and be seen when they join the session,
  • Privacy control tool: the ability to blur part of the video feed before adding the camera view to protect patient privacy,
  • Playing video picture-in-picture,
  • API and SDK for third party integration for partnering with other providers.

And to aid post-surgery collaboration, users have access to the following features:

  • Access the recorded content through any iOS or Android mobile device via the Proximie app,
  • Participants can be part of multiple organizations and have access to their library with a single login.

What sets our product apart
We understand that every patient is different, every surgery is unique, and every clinical setting is complex. That is why our service is bespoke to the client’s specific requirements. Functionally our distinguishing features are:

  • Four simultaneous video feeds at once - this creates a more immersive experience for participants, enabling them to feel like they are ‘scrubbing in.’
  • A software-first approach means that we can leverage a variety of hardware devices that best suit the hospital’s needs. This includes a console with boom arm (Px Console), a laptop-based solution (Px Compact), wearables soon, fully integrated suite zero-footprint solution, or additional medical device integration options. (Check below the hardware solution section)
  • Unlimited cloud-based recording functionality and case library which empowers organizations to build and access their recorded cases conveniently from anywhere with a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. This is a foundational part of the Proximie offering and is included as standard.
  • Provide access to support and facilitate training and expert collaboration of any procedure, allowing them to virtually ‘scrub in’ from any setting.
  • Our security is robust, externally verified as highly secure, to PCI DSS penetration test standards and industry best practices, to the extent we were selected by the UK Ministry of Defense to be used in their field surgeries.
  • At Proximie we don’t charge you by the minute because we know that surgery shouldn’t be on the meter. Our monthly subscription is simple and affordable.

Our team knows that implementation and training is a critical success factor when delivering any advanced technology; and are passionate and experienced in offering support, training, and practical solutions to any problems anywhere 24/7/365. 

Company bio

We save lives by sharing the world’s best clinical practice. Proximie is a technology platform that uses a combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence and augmented reality to allow clinicians to virtually ‘scrub in’ and collaborate with each other from anywhere in the world. Plug in Proximie. Connect Clinicians. Save Lives.



Bassem Hashash
Managing Partner - Lebanon
Regional Director - META & APAC


Bassem Hashash is Managing Partner and Regional Director at Proximie, the award-winning software platform that enables physicians to virtually ‘scrub in’ to any operating room from anywhere around the globe. Bassem is experienced in the fields of information science, finance and business development and it’s these fields that he has focused his education and career in over the past 40 years. He has driven multi-million-dollar revenue growth across multiple channels including software, telecommunications, and SaaS.

Bassem was a day 1 employee at Proximie in 2016 and has been instrumental in lending his expertise to setting up multiple areas of the company, from IT and Finance, to HR and sales. Now, as Managing Partner for Proximie SAL, and META-APAC-CIS-CEE Regional Director, he is inspired by the company’s goals to force-multiply medical knowledge, offering the best healthcare to patients around the world.