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Endometriosis saliva test: impact of RNA and IA on women health




Wednesday 1st February | 15:00

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The Endotest® Diagnostic is an innovative non-invasive diagnostic tool that has the potential to provide a rapid diagnosis of endometriosis from a simple saliva sample. It facilitates the early detection of endometriosis and is therefore able to reduce medical wandering, while avoiding unnecessary consultations, examinations, and surgeries. Early diagnosis of the disease also allows for a more progressive, early-stage treatment plan.

Product description


Endotest® Diagnostic

The Endotest® Diagnostic is an in vitro diagnostic intended for the qualitative identification of endometriosis based on the analysis of salivary miRNAs differential expression. The combination of 109 miRNA constitutes the endometriosis signature.

Company bio

Ziwig ® is a French biotech company whose ambition is to improve women’s health through a holistic approach and the development of products, services and a care ecosystem guided by science and the unique biology of each individual. This approach is supported by ongoing research excellence and is based on the close collaboration of medical experts and engineers specialized in cutting- edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and human RNA Next Generation Sequencing. 

Its functioning is based on an ecosystem, driven by the quest for excellence and patient centered, that uses disruptive technologies. This contributes to the emergence of precision medicine that is individualized, predictive and participatory, serving women’s well-being and quality of life. Ziwig’s work has resulted in several publications that have appeared in international peer-reviewed scientific journals such as diagnostics, Nature scientific reports and Journal of Clinical Medicine.



Pr. Sofiane Bendifallah, MD, PhD
Head of Research

Pr. Sofiane Bendifallah is an experienced professor of Gynecologic Surgery and Clinical Research with a demonstrated history of working in the endometriosis and oncology fields. Skilled in clinical research, medical education, public health and clinical trials, Sofiane brings a strong professional education with a Fellowship focused on Ovarian cancer and a Master study in endometriosis. He has already published over 200 publications at only 40 years-old and is considered a rising KOL in the field.