EMPOWER H Laser Portfolio

EMPOWER H Laser Portfolio

The Olympus EMPOWER H laser portfolio empowers physicians and hospital systems with choices for a full-range line of Ho:YAG lasers and fibers to meet the diverse challenges of lithotripsy.

One Interface throughout the Entire Olympus EMPOWER Portfolio
The simple selection of settings allows for convenient treatment of procedures with clinically relevant parameters. An intuitive interface facilitates an easy transition between emission modes in a wide range of settings.

Various Emission Modes
The Olympus EMPOWER lasers offer specific emission modes for your individual surgical needs. The following options are available on each system:

20 W to 100 W Laser Comparison – Higher Frequency Affords Greater Versatility
The efficient system design of the Olympus EMPOWER H35 and H65 enables higher-frequency settings compared to competitive systems at similar power offerings.

High-frequency, low-pulse energy laser settings improve dusting
64% of urologists reported using high-frequency, lowpulse energy settings associated with the dusting technique.

Stabilization Mode on Olympus EMPOWER H65
The stabilization mode creates a path of vapor between the fiber tip and the stone to stabilize the stone during dusting, resulting in a reduced retropulsion effect. The first part of the pulse is a short burst of high power, which creates a vapor bubble. The second part is the dusting laser beam, which affects the stone’s surface.

BPH Treatment
The Olympus EMPOWER H65 is also suitable for BPH treatment. It allows the user to switch between the following emission modes:

  • Holmium Laser Ablation of the Prostate (HoLAP) mode is used to vaporize excess prostate tissue.
  • Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP) peels out the core of the prostate in its entirety. It is especially useful for larger prostates but can treat any prostate size.
  • Coagulation/Hemostasis mode is designed to stop bleeding by being more gentle on the tissue.

Full line of fibers complement your laser technique
The laser fibers demonstrate comparable performance and product capability to competitive fibers. The ball-tip fiber allows you to maintain visualization of a stone as the fiber is inserted into a deflected scope.