NeuViz Glory 256-Slice CT, Seeing More, Clearly

NeuViz Glory 256-Slice CT, Seeing More, Clearly

Advanced AI software assists with early detection;

  • One-beat cardiac imaging;
  • Advanced applications increasing clinical utility;
  • Spectral Imaging with increased detector coverage;
  • Low dose tools, including Neusoft’s unique 60 kV imaging.

NeuViz Glory is the latest high-end CT product released by Neusoft Medical Systems with a full range of technology innovations and breakthroughs.

One-Beat Cardiac scanning is enabled by Neusoft’s 0.259s rotation speed, 25ms temporal resolution and 8cm detector coverage.

Industry leading dose reduction can be achieved using Neusoft’s unique 60 kV scanning. This can significantly minimize radiation dose which is ideal for pediatric imaging.

Unlimited tube heat capacity (Effective Anode Heat Content 30MHU) allows for rapid scanning techniques even on large of patients.

NeuViz Glory offers spectral imaging employing different KV scanning technology, allows access to the new and exciting clinical potential of spectral imaging.

Take your imaging budget further with Neusoft’s CT technology. We deliver more with the NeuViz Glory enabling you to see more clearly.