Medrobotics - The Flex® Robotic System 


Medrobotics manufactures and markets the Flex® Robotic System, the world’s first robotic interventional platform with a steerable and shapeable robotic scope. The Flex® Robotic System offers physicians the unique ability to navigate complex anatomy through a single, small entry point while operating in hard-to-reach anatomical locations that might otherwise be inaccessible with straight, rigid surgical tools. The Company’s vision is to provide more patients with access to Scarfree™ interventional options. Medrobotics received FDA clearances for the Flex® Robotic System for ENT applications in July 2015 and for lower Gastrointestinal applications in May 2017. The CE mark was issued in March 2014 for ENT applications and in October 2016 for Colorectal applications.

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