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Whether you’re keen to source state-of-the-art technology for your healthcare facility or looking for a marketplace of companies of healthcare technology, the IT systems & solutions sector at Arab Health is the perfect avenue for you to do business with leading manufacturers. 

The IT systems & solutions industry

mproved disease management and accessible care have become essential to cater to the rising healthcare requirements. To achieve this, it has become necessary to accelerate the development of IT solutions to improve coordination in chronic disease management and promote preventive care. At the height of the pandemic, the growing demand for virtual care solutions such as telehealth was provided through innovations in the healthcare IT industry. Additionally, it made patients and healthcare providers increasingly receptive to embracing digital health.Over the years, the industry has been instrumental in designing, developing, and maintaining information systems in the healthcare sector. Today, the increasing digitalisation in healthcare, rising demand for preventive care solutions, growing use of cloud-based services, advancements in smartphones and network connectivity, and adoption of remote monitoring services are key factors driving the healthcare IT market growth. Healthcare IT solutions, such as telemedicine, electronic health record, and mHealth, are sought-after worldwide.

The global healthcare IT market reached US$ 260.5 billion in 2021. The market is projected to reach US$ 552.8 billion by 2027, exhibiting at a CAGR of 13.38 per cent from 2022-2027. Read full report.

Digitisation is driving the reform of health systems and their transition to new models of patient-centred care, enabling the shift from hospital-centred systems to more community- based and integrated care organisations.

The report gives you an insight into the future of how data will be a crucial enabler of the digital transformation of healthcare and the health and well-being of people on an individual, national, and global scale.

Connected medical devices and the IoMT are pivotal to these shifts to new models.

Chatbots are the simplest pathway for any provider group or healthcare business entity to introduce a new technology into their business more

The healthcare industry has not been immune to technological transformation, with medical and digital technologies assisting in the mitigation and prevention of both communicable and more

The right application of technology can enhance clinician communication, improve medication safety, reduce potential medical errors and improve the overall patient more

Hospitals easily compete with shopping malls and high-rise office buildings in size and number of people, yet hospitals are notoriously more difficult to more

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