While the progress towards Universal Health Coverage may be slow, the continent looks poised to adopt localised solutions for very regional problems

The benefits of technology can be found across industry sectors, and the healthcare market is no exception. The development of business management software and claims submission solutions is just the start of a process that is bringing healthcare providers and patients closer to one another.

The sporeof Clostridium tetani is pervasive in the environment and leads to tetanus - an illness characterised by the acute onset of painful muscle spasm seemingly without cause.

HOne can no longer rely on goodwill and good intentions to manage mass casualties in a disaster situation. As in all other branches of medicine, disaster medicine must rely on a solid and evidence based foundation. Disasters (natural or man-made) and the number of individuals affected by them are yearly increasing.

Going Global: GSD widens its network of knowledge sharing

Paolo Rotelli, President, GSD, is passionate about making Italian healthcare global and shares his vision for the Group’s international expansion...

Paediatric magnet ingestion: Risks, management, and complications

Ingestion of magnetic toys poses a significant health risk in children and could be life-threatening. Dr Hussein Naji at American Hospital Dubai reviews the risks, management, and complications of multiple magnet ingestions in children, and suggests that urgent preventive measures are needed to reduce risk of serious complications


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