The spectrum of collaborative endeavours is diverse in healthcare and involves international hospitals coming together to share their know-how and expertise in order to improve the culture of health in the local communities. 

Creating infrastructure in healthcare is no mean task. Projects are usually large-sized and involve adherence to many standards, regulations and best practices. If thrown into this the challenge of economic viability, it certainly is a daunting task at hand. 

The tremendous positive impact that digitalisation and connectivity will have, specifically on healthcare staffing and facilities, will surpass the improvements in the public’s health creating a paradigm shift. 

As the Gulf Cooperation Council’s population puts ever more demands on the region’s hospitals, a coordinated campaign can reveal hidden opportunities to create value with no detrimental impact on patient outcomes.

Arab Health Magazine sat down with Rajat Karol,  general manager of GE Healthcare Digital for the Eastern Growth Markets & Africa to find out  whether AI is a magic pill for the challenges we face in healthcare, or if we still have a long way to go before we see any real progress.  

US Hospitals Report 2018 Download

The US has a longstanding reputation for advancing the science necessary to develop and sustain medical breakthroughs. Click here to read our detailed US Hospitals Report 2018 to find out about all the trends in the industry, along with the latest innovations transforming healthcare delivery.

Building the Hospital of the Future

In an interview with Arab Health Magazine, Ben Gonzalez, Vice President, HKS MENA Health Director, and the co-chair of the Design & Build conference shared some in-depth insights about what really goes on behind planning, designing, building and operating a healthcare facility and certain important factors to consider when designing a hospital. 


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