Flashwave Opens New Treatment Options

Article provided by Flashwave

Flashwave® is a new kind of non-invasive therapy based on
cellular communication. The combination of technology, diagnostics and application allows fully trained Flashwave users to active endogenous muscular satellite cells, which opens up completely new treatment options in:  

– Musculoskeletal indications

– Aesthetics

– Wound care

– Diabetes and

– Urology

Flashwave is fully CE & MDSAP certified, already clinically proven and used with great success in various countries.

Especially the Flashwave MMC indication group − Musculoskeletal Management & Correction − has quickly attracted high profile clinical users and clients, as therapy results are immediate and the learning curve for users is swift.

Here are some of the athletes who have been in contact with Flashwave:

– Richie Patterson (weight lifter, three-time Olympian, 3 x gold-medallist at the Commonwealth-Games, holder of multiple national records in New Zealand)

– Cameron McTaggert (junior weightlifter, holder of various national records in New Zealand for U21 athletes)

– Lydia Ko (former #1 LPGA Tour, 2 x major winner)

– Basketball players of Bayern München, Germany

– Junior Noboa, former Major League Baseball (MLB) player, hitting coach of Dominican Republic National team, current VP Latin America for the Arizona Diamondbacks.