Thursday 1 February 2024

Museum of the Future

By invite only


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Revolutionising Healthspan: Unveiling Breakthroughs in Reverse Aging and Longevity

The 2024 edition of Arab Health will once again host the most immersive and exclusive event known as the Future Health Summit at the Museum of the Future, Dubai, specifically designed for esteemed senior government officials and CEOs operating within the healthcare sector.

This summit will focus on the theme of longevity and reverse aging, offering an unparalleled opportunity to network and gain insights into the forthcoming ground-breaking advancements in healthcare. With a strong emphasis on revolutionising health span, the summit aims to reveal remarkable breakthroughs in the field of reverse aging and longevity. ​

By catalysing the future of health, the summit will foster an environment that allows for the exploration and discussion of reverse aging and longevity, ensuring that attendees are at the forefront of these pioneering developments in healthcare.

Igniting Innovation in Health: Embracing Reverse Aging and Longevity​

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