Sustainability Partners

Shaping the healthcare industry for a sustainable future.

As we bridge the gap between communities at Arab Health to help build a sustainable future for our planet, we present to you here a list of some of our exhibitors that submitted their commitment to improving our environment and communities.

Live in-person:

30 Jan - 2 Feb 2023

Dubai World Trade Centre


4 Jan - 2 Mar 2023

Sustainability Partners


anne-lore by Van Herck supports the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to strive for a sustainable future. We take care of our employees by creating a safe and healthy working environment. For some products, we also appeal to sheltered workshops. In this way, we help to provide people with a disability with suitable and sustainable employment. CSR is not only important in our own production process, but also in the selection of our suppliers of raw materials and commodities. We choose to work exclusively with high-quality raw materials that carry the OEKOTEX® Standard 100 certificate. Production waste is kept to a minimum and is sorted for recycling if possible. We also choose packaging materials as ecologically as possible.

Bimed Cryo

We operate on circular economy principles, which is the exact opposite of the old "buy, make and
sell" industrial model. This means that we keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract maximum value from them during use, and then recover and repair or recycle products and materials at the end of their service life. We make our products durable to last longer; We make sure that we use environmentally friendly resources in the production process.

DK Service Global Ltd

Sustainability and reducing carbon footprint is at the heart of everything DK Service Global Ltd do. Our HOCL product, TyroSan20, is fully biodegradable (made from the electrolysis of salt and water) and supplied in recyclable containers. Refill not Landfill is our mantra and we encourage all customers to buy smaller bottles once and refill from the larger containers thereby saving money and reducing plastic waste. Packaging is not classified as hazardous and does not need to be treated as hazardous/special waste. TyroSan20 can be disposed of safely to Sewage Treatment Plant, soil, compost and manure ensuring no pollution risk and no toxic residues. Our Bona range of machines are 99% made from recyclable materials and have minimalist packaging. 

France Hospital

Francehopital is ISO 14001 certified. In our products, packaging and workflow we do our best to choose the “greenest” solution. Obviously the choice of materials for our products is included in this process, in accordance to healthcare regulations. And the whole team of FH is conscious of topics like water conservation, sustainable transport and waste reduction. 

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe

As climate change is one of the most pressing global issues, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe is particularly committed to the UN's Sustainable Development Goal “Climate Action” and is taking a number of measures. Those focus on avoiding and reducing energy consumption, substituting CO2 emitting power sources with green energy and compensating unavoidable CO2 emissions. For instance, since 2018, the European headquarters has been carbon neutral. Further, the European headquarters as well as several subsidiaries are already using electricity from renewable sources. The company also supports its customers in reaching a sustainable workplace. Its bizhub ECO service package comes with a pre-set eco configuration of the MFP, “Enabling Carbon Neutrality” (ECN) programme as well as cooperation with Treedom supporting the environment and female farmers in Kenya. Through its ECN more than 40,000 tons of unavoidable CO2 emissions have been already offset since 2015. With its remote visual support tool AIRe Link more than 853,000 kilometres of travels to
customers and 104 tons of CO2 emissions were saved in 2020. 

AB Medica Group S.A.

We are manufacturers, importers and distributors of medical devices and have recently been certified with ISO 14001:2015. We have made a commitment to protecting the environment and reducing the environmental impacts generated by our activity. Our company prioritizes products, suppliers and services that have a lower impact on the environment and that reduce our carbon footprint. Our goal is to continuously reduce carbon-emission in all our processes and generate ecological awareness both internally and among all our stakeholders.

Nanoksi Finland

Nanoksi Finland’s product FOTONIT® Antimicrobial coating is a new technology that provides long- term and environmentally friendly solution to build better future for us all.​ ​ FOTONIT® Antimicrobial coating is able to reduce the chemicals needed for disinfecting, it prolongs the life cycle of furniture and surfaces by enabling the correct product use. We at Nanoksi Finland are taking care of our product and operations to match UN Goals in sustainability. We pledge to have full consideration in complying with 10 sustainability rules of the Arab Health Exhibition and also taking consideration these factors in our partner selection, in travel, packaging and other operational issues.  


Tesalys is a French company that develops, manufactures, and markets the STERIPLUS™ and STERISHRED® on-site solutions for the treatment of infectious waste. These solutions are part of an ecological approach by offering an alternative to waste collection and incineration. On-site treatment significantly reduces transport-related CO2 emissions, generated by waste being transported as far as hundreds of kilometres. The waste obtained after treatment by our machines can be assimilated to household waste, allowing it to be compacted, as well as reducing its volume by 60 to 80% through shredding. The use of our machines and their installation on site also helps to reduce the production of infectious wastes by raising the awareness of healthcare professionals and restructuring the infectious waste flow.


TOGU is dedicated to the highest quality and environmental standards. In order to achieve this goal, our office as well as our production is based in Germany. This enables us to tightly control the whole process of design, development and the production of our articles in an environmentally sound way. Our top priority is to create very durable products with long-lasting product safety that are a 100% recyclable. The high quality and durability of the material thus conserves natural resources and saves energy. 

Diseños NT

We are manufacturers of hygienic-sanitary products in Spain. The production model of Diseños NT is based on sustainability. The raw material we use in the manufacturing of our products is recyclable and comes from non-woven fabrics made with 50-70% recycled material, thus contributing to the development of circular economy. We recover non-woven waste, transforming it into polypropylene pellets and re-incorporating it into our manufacturing process, turning waste into new resources. Local manufacturing, totally made in Spain, allows us to reduce carbon footprint. Therefore, we reduce the pollution generated by transports derived from imports and we use renewable energy sources.