Ibuki Co., Ltd is happy to inform that will take part in Arab Health 2023 from 30 Jan - 2 Feb 2023 in Dubai.

You can find us at the stand H7.C35 as part of the Japan Pavilion.

We will provide free samples of our nanofiber face mask MIKOTO along with leaflets and flyers about our company and products.

Feel free to come to our stand.

We are also available for scheduled meetings during the event.

About Us

Since its establishment in 1978, IBUKI Co., Ltd. has steadily increased its business performance while valuing the relationship of trust with its customers.

The company's business has been steadily expanding, starting with the real estate business, but in recent years it has made a major change and entered the nanofiber business and the environmental biotechnology business. In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers with reliable one-stop services, we will continue to enhance our expertise in each of our businesses and take on new challenges in any field, striving to become a close partner with whom our customers can build lifelong relationships.

Our Nanofibers

Ibuki Co., Ltd. formed a business alliance with Zetta Co., Ltd. in 2021 to conduct researches on cutting-edge technologies. The benefits of nanofibers have the potential to enrich our society making life more convenient. In April 2021, we established a nanofiber manufacturing plant in Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, and in November, we opened our research institute in the same location.

Using nanofibers, we have started the research and product development of new technologies such as: batteries and heat insulating materials, oil adsorption and high-performance filters, hydrogen production by nano-fabric, reinforced concrete, and desalination equipment.

Our products:

MIKOTO nanofibers face mask

The majority of the face masks on the market rely on static electricity to catch viruses and bacteria. However, due to the moist inside of the human breath, this effect tends to lower down to 40% and to completely disappear after only 6 hours of usage.

This does not apply to our face masks that capture viruses and bacteria thanks to the intermolecular forces called “Van der Waals forces”. Those forces are activated by the nanoscopic diameter of our fibers able to capture the viruses and never let them go. Also, since the forces are triggered by the structure of th nanofibers, the effect lasts and does not vanish.

Usually, the diameter of the fibers used for face masks varies between 1000nm and 3000nm while MIKOTO’s nanofibers have an incredibly small diameter that ranges from 80nm to 400nm.

The effect of the “Van der Walls forces”, an attractive force naturally generated by the fibers, starts to grow stronger under a 1000nm diameter. That’s why is within the nanofibers that we can clearly see its true effects. Thanks to these forces, the nanofibers are able to capture and contain viruses and bacteria just like a spiderweb does with a fly.

The viruses and bacteria captured in the filter’s nanofiber dissolve naturally as they become unable to access to the vital resources necessary for their survival.

Oil absorbent nanofiber sheets WATAPOI

The oil adsorbent "WATAPOI" developed by IBUKI NANO absorbs up to 50 times its own weight in oil and retains more than five times as much oil as other companies' products (according to our own research). Because nanofibers absorb only oil and allow water to pass through, this oil adsorbent can be used not only for household use but also as a marine pollution countermeasure in tanker capsizing accidents, making it a product that can greatly contribute to the global environment.