Reduce hair transplant surgery time by up to half INRUT launched the world’s first Multi Hair Implanter

A secret method of lifting only once and planting ten times

2 February 2022

Through joint research between Kyungpook National University's Hair Transplantation Center and OHDAE R&D Centers, the world's first serial hair transplanter that can reduce hair transplant operation time by more than half has succeeded in commercializing it the first time in the world.

Hair transplantation is a surgical method in which hair follicles collected from the back of the head are inserted into the hair loss area using a hair transplanter. This surgical method is widely used not only in Korea but also worldwide because of its fast transplantation speed, little damage to hair follicles, and a high hair survival rate.

However, the existing single hair transplanter has a disadvantage in the sense it needs the repeating process of installing the hair follicles into the hair transplanter, inserting them into the scalp, and then attaching the hair follicles to the hair transplanter again. Since 2,000 – 3,000 hair follicles are inserted per operation for hair loss patients, thousands of replacement movements are required, which lengthens the whole operation time. As a result, the patient has to endure such a long surgery time, and it causes musculoskeletal disorders for doctors who implant the follicles.

The revolving type hair transplanter developed by the research team can equip with 10 needles. Each time one hair follicle is implanted, the cartridge automatically rotates like a revolver pistol, and the next implant is ready.

In other words, as 10 hair follicles can be implanted in a row at a time, it reduces the number of replacement hair transplanters by one-tenth, and as a consequence, it dramatically shortens the whole operation time.

This technology successfully completed 8 clinical trials at the hair transplant center of Kyungpook National University Hospital and confirmed that there are no defects or safety problems in use. Professor Moon-Kyu Kim, a professor at Kyungpook National University who specializes in hair transplant surgery, said, “Using this technology, the operation that took more than 2-3 hours in the past was reduced to an hour and a half. It is expected to minimize fatigue of operators (doctors, assistants) and also lessen the physical burden on patients.”

The Multi Hair Implanter has acquired domestic and international certifications such as domestic certification (KGMP), the US (FDA), European CE (MDR Class), and Taiwanese product approval. This product is currently on sale.