Winning over decision-makers in the age of information overload

75% of B2B buyers and 84% of C-level or vice-president level executives use social media to make purchasing decisions. With an overload of information available to them, Arab Health is here to guide you to the most valuable gateway to cutting through the noise.

The best way to create a brand that sticks in people’s minds is to create collateral and value across various customer touchpoints. With the digital era well and truly upon us, staying on top of the consumer’s mind is paramount for any brand, considering how fast the information age is. When it pertains to B2B sales, 67% of the buyer’s journey is entirely digital - showcasing how important it is to have a strong digital presence for your company. 

On average, internet users spend almost 7 hours online every day. With 9/10 consumers saying the online content a company puts out has a major effect, and at least 57% do their research on a brand and its products before purchase, you have the advantage of engaging them when they’re far ahead in their customer journey. Understanding the right sponsorship opportunities can help grow your brand into a highly recognizable name, and that’s where proper content placement comes in.

How content & thought leadership can put you ahead of the competition:

In a recent survey conducted by Informa Markets Healthcare, 68% of respondents ranked ‘medical product/ solution updates’ as the most important content they seek. Also, 70% said their top objective is to keep up-to-date about the trending topics in their field. 

Combine this with research showing that 72% of B2B buyers say they consume three or more pieces of content before engaging a salesperson. As a result, it has never been more important to take every opportunity to share your expertise with your audience, whether online or in person.

Another crucial bit of information that needs to be considered is that events and exhibitions are distributors' go-to sources of content. 

With awareness seeping into the consideration process, highlighting your presence and products at other touchpoints become infinitely valuable.

Finding the right sponsorship opportunities for your company:

We’d like to take this opportunity to help you understand the importance of working with the right sponsorship facilitators. In the world of medical products, the media buying process must be pinpoint and strategic. Instead of having a spray-and-play technique, focusing your sponsorship opportunities towards 3-4 highly specified opportunities can go a long way in helping your brand remain top-of-mind for your buyers.

With both in-person and digital sponsorship equally important, you must focus your branding efforts equally in all cohorts. Instead of manually taking the effort of doing so, you can register your brand with Arab Health and receive greater output for your sponsorship efforts.

Arab Health 2023 - full value for your 360-degree branding efforts:

Connecting with your target audience ahead of time allows you to make the most of your time and investment at the event. That's because the modern B2B buyer has grown accustomed to going through several channels of information before finally speaking with a salesperson.

So, before you meet someone in person, a previous digital connection will make them more likely to do business with you. This is mainly because a pre-existing relationship, even if only online, builds comfort and trust.

At Arab Health 2023, you'll be presented with the unique opportunity of digitally, socially, and in-person branding your company - providing a 3-pronged approach for your sales team to generate leads.

Now, let’s look at the opportunities for your brand:

  • Better visibility for the event's sponsor through promotion and media coverage  
  • The ability to increase their brand's value through speaking engagements at events
  • Face-to-face interaction with a market ripe with opportunities
  • The lead retrieval technology provides access to information on event attendees and their interactions with each other, which can be very useful for future product and market research.


The various cohorts that participants can access include:

#1. Onsite branding: talk to customers face-to-face:

It is no secret that people are craving in-person experiences and interpersonal connections now more than ever before. More than just exhibiting, you should take advantage of the fact that your local and foreign audiences will simultaneously be in the same place, intent on nothing else. 

You also receive increased credibility, gain direct access to all the relevant audiences you’d like to reach, and in the process stand out and stay ahead of your rivals. On-site branding allows you to tap into your audience directly and showcase your products to them. Through this, you’ll be able to set expectations first-hand and ensure that they now understand your brand’s purpose and product face-to-face.

#2. Virtual opportunities:

Virtual opportunities at Arab Health 2023 give you a wide scope of benefits that will extend beyond the expo itself. 

Through the virtual facilities at hand, you'll be able to reach out to nearly 60,000 people in over 150 countries - that’s a highly impressionable audience waiting to be introduced to your product! Virtual branding also gives your brand the opportunity to facilitate product discovery tours and set up meetings faster - something that we’ll be able to help with owing to our featured products section.

Finally, you’ll also be able to reach out to your audience through tactical online communications such as push notifications, emailers and more. Take advantage of a new way to meet potential customers and join the larger conversation at the exhibition and in all following discussions.

#3. Digital & social: 

The opportunities presented at Arab Health are not restricted to just the physical expo event as more than 2 million tuned in digitally, and 5.5+ million watched the Arab Health TV event. With such unmatched traction, branding your company and opting for sponsorship at Arab Health 2023 can go a long way. You’ll be able to accelerate your customer journey and boost sales operations smartly and effectively through your products, relevant images, videos, and downloadable content.

Social media integration allows companies to show branded, ready-to-post media to a targeted audience of over 100k+ followers across all social channels and get feedback from them. All online experiences are made interactive and interesting using video interviews, social sponsorship, pre-show introductions, and banner ads.

Arab Health 2023 is among the top ways for your company to become recognised and through your sponsorship, you’ll be able to not just meet clients face-to-face but also engage with them through digital and virtual communications by participating online.

In conclusion…

Prepare to elevate your company’s branding through one of the most well-organised, and sought-after expos in medical technology. Through Arab Health 2023, you are guaranteed to get more eyes on your brand and use our unique offerings of a multidisciplinary approach to your branding. 

Overall, our aim is to highlight some of the best innovations, inventions, technologies, and progress made in the deep-tech health space. We look forward to providing you with the best experience!

Showcase your leadership to an unparalleled audience of international healthcare decision-makers at Arab Health 2023. Download the brochure today and start receiving greater output for your sponsorship efforts!