Leading German Supplement Company looks for international Distributors

Sana Health, the leading German nutritional supplements provider, is announcing at Arab Health 2022 that the company is expanding sales into international markets after achieving 10 years of strong sales growth in Europe.

Dubai | 17 January 2022

The company, based in Bavaria, Germany, will also be launching its innovative AuraNatura® fermented series of products to international buyers at the Exhibition. 
at The Sana Health brand, Aura Natura®, has become one of Germany’s leading brand names over the last decade. Sana Health now has a growing portfolio of more than 80 dietary/nutritional and sport food supplement brands to address common health challenges. The products portfolio covers both simple vitamin nutrients and more complex constituents to help alleviate common health issues. The products bring together effective traditional natural herbal remedies and the latest German formulation technologies.

At Arab Health 2022, Sana Health will showcase its market leading supplement portfolio which helps alleviate common issues associated with the immune system, prostate and bladder, eyes, diabetes, and mood management.

"More than 1 million customers in Germany have already benefited from the high-quality products." said Mr. Sebastian Seitz, CEO of Sana Health GmbH. "All our products are European manufactured in GMP certified facilities in an eco-friendly, sustainable and socially responsible manner”.

"The biological availability of plants as raw materials and the absorption efficiency of nutritional supplements have always been a challenge for the industry. With the innovative application of fermenting technology in our products, we have significantly increased the ingredients’ bioavailability and physiological potency." said Dr. Michael Göde, Board Member of Sana Health.  "Thanks to the gentle, special and secret manufacturing process, the use of preservatives, chemical additives, sugar and alcohol can be dispensed with”.

The new AuraNatura® Fermentura Curcuma product has combined fermented turmeric powder with a non-fermented turmeric extract with a high Curcumin component (95%) which has various physiological functions including strengthening the immune system, relieving bowel issues, and reducing inflammation and pain responses.

The fermented turmeric acts within the gastrointestinal tract and improves digestion and absorption of nutrients, while the curcumin component enters directly into the bloodstream providing all the benefits. The combined action of fermented turmeric powder and curcumin, therefore, increases long-term health benefits for the consumer.  This unique combination cannot be found in any other standard turmeric product currently on the market.

"The fermented products series has proved to be very popular in the German market. We believe this new product series will provide new openings for international resellers” said Andrew Moore, International Sales Director of Sana Health. "We have several strategic worldwide distributor opportunities available, some of them could even be exclusive.”

Sana Health GmbH will present its bestselling products in Europe at Booth number Z3.G07 at Arab Health from 24-27 January 2022. Daily product demonstrations are scheduled at the following timeslots during the Exhibition:

Morning Session: 11:00-12:00
Afternoon Session: 15:00-16:00 

Sana Health is the fast-growing healthcare business division of the Göde Group, an international company with headquarters in Germany, Switzerland and the USA. The five bestselling Sana Health products have reached total sales of 700,000 packets in Germany in 2020 alone.

For more information, please visit www.sana-health.de. To become a distributor, please book a meeting with our team via the Arab Health Expo website or email [email protected]. Alternatively, call Andrew Moore on + 44 7963 323144 to arrange a meeting online or at the exhibition.