Novosanis to attend Arab Health Exhibition 2018 in Dubai

 Wijnegem, Belgium, January 5th, 2018: Novosanis, a Belgian, privately held and award-winning company producing innovative medical devices, will participate at the Arab Health Exhibition, the largest medical show in the Middle East. The conference held in Dubai between January 29th and February 1st.

Today, Novosanis holds a strong and unique IP position with its 2 medical device platforms:  (1) Colli-Pee™, a sampling platform that offers new possibilities to developers and manufacturers of diagnostic tests. It also brings new opportunities to organizations that support or run screening programs. (2) VAX-ID™, a drug delivery platform that operates with an unprecedented ease-of-use in combination with an improved accuracy offering new possibilities to vaccine developers and manufacturers as well as organizations that support or run vaccination programs.

The Novosanis team will showcase  its game-changing self-sampling device Colli-Pee™ which offers new diagnostic possibilities based on urine samples. Urine samples become more and more popular as they are non-invasive and offer in combination with new high sensitive diagnostic tests opportunities to bring information in an efficient way and offer new possibilities in patient monitoring and screening programs.

“We believe Colli-Pee™ has a significant added value in Point-of-Care diagnostics within the overall trend of simplifying diagnostics while improving the accuracy of the test and reducing the time from sample to result.”stated Dr. Vorsters (University of Antwerp).

‘‘Novosanis is excited to join this large exhibition for the first time. We look forward to meeting potential new customers, distributors and explore possibilities for collaboration in the Middle East and beyond’’ says Vanessa Vankerckhoven, CEO of Novosanis.

Colli-Pee™, a patented, CE-labelled and FDA-listed device enables user-friendly and standardized collection of first-void urine by all genders. This highly concentrated urine allows improved detection of urinary biomarkers for early stage diagnosis and monitoring of urological and systemic cancers. As urine is an easy accessible and non-invasive sample, market leaders are discovering the advantages of Colli-Pee™ and start to integrate the medical device into their diagnostic kit, offering better and robust results while adding comfort to the patient and the medical staff.