Pulse Tech is exhibiting in Arab Health 2022 with the vision to introduce new possibilities of Digital Healthcare to the world.

Pulse Tech Ltd. is one of the most promising and rapidly developing information technology company in Bangladesh. The company is developing innovative solutions in order to progress global and local healthcare technology.

Pulse tech is the first company in Bangladesh to build a digital Healthcare Ecosystem. The company is opted to introduce their Healthcare SupperApp with all health care facilities in a single platform. This is the first time Pulse Tech Ltd. is attending Arab Health. We are the only Healthtech Company from Bangladesh exhibiting in Arab Health this year.

Globally, non-communicable diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension are responsible for around 65% of deaths. These diseases are often unnoticed and become the main cause of many major health issues. Regular health monitor is essential for detecting these diseases and convenient technological solutions are very few. Diapod is one of our smart healthcare IoT- based solution to provide convenient health monitoring services with electronic health records which can assist in preventing these diseases

This single device is convenient to monitor underweight/obesity, body temperature; fast and accurate measurement of SpO2, pulse rate, stress level; authentic reading of ECG and BP, and comfortable and reliable process to check blood glucose. Besides checking diseases, this device will also provide a secured EHR system so that patients can easily consult with doctors.

We also going to introduce MediPOS- A comprehensive pharmacy management software. It is an excellent system that stores data and allows functionality to maintain and organize the process within pharmacies. It is a comprehensive Point of Sales (POS) management software specifically designed to help pharmacies to operate pharmacies more efficiently. It is the country’s first Android Tab embedded SaaS-based Online / Offline POS Software..