Tele-Paper Seeks to Expand Its Export Market


SHAH ALAM, MALAYSIA -    TELE-PAPER (M) SDN BHD has once again renewed participation in the Arab Health 2020 exhibition held in Dubai World Trade Centre which starts from 27th to 30th January.

TELE-PAPER’s medical products are already recognized and sold in over 100 countries & territories globally, with commendable use by health professionals worldwide. TELE-PAPER is continuously seeking to further expand its export market to new horizons.

With an experienced and professional sales team to advice on customer’s needs and prompt response to all inquiries and excellent after-sales service, TELE-PAPER does not only offer quality products that are compatible for use on major medical devices, but also boasts OEM manufacturing capabilities and standards.

TELE-PAPER under its medical brand SONOMED offers:-

SONOMED - Ultrasound Papers

  • Standard grade
  • High density grade
  • High glossy grade


  1. High resolution with optimum grayscale
  2. 7 to 10 years image durability
  3. Printout quality is very close to Original Grade
  4. Tonal of printed image is very precise
  5. Good Resistance to Water, Finger Prints and Ultrasound Gel Drops
  6. No additional setting required for printer
  7. Minimal curling issue – ensuring reliable and smooth printing, thus avoiding paper jam
  8. Consistent quality in every roll and shipment
  9. Sonomed Ultrasound paper is made of special material that is less likely to contaminate the print head. This protective coating cleans off substances that stick to the head during printing and the head is cleaned automatically during printing.


SONOMED's Medical Chart Paper

SONOMED’s recording chart paper, ECG (electrocardiogram) paper, CTG (cardiotocography), Fetal Monitoring paper and Medical Chart Paper are favoured by doctors for their good ink adhesion, vivid print-outs and long-lasting image durability.


  1. Tight shrink wrap
  2. Protected from moisture, water and dust
  3. Paper is neatly aligned to avoid paper jamming
  4. Dark image density provides a better print out for easy readability
  5. Minimum 5 years image lifespan after printout allows health records to be kept until 5 years
  6. Clean and accurate die-cut, thus ensuring smooth printing
  7. Minimal dust residue to ensure there is no build-up of dust on thermal printer head


SONOMED's Ultrasound gel

Sky Gel Ultrasound Gel, which is manufactured using filtered water and dermatologically tested, is suitable for use on all ultrasound apparatus and its dual viscosity formulation makes Sky Gel both an excellent lubricant and ultrasound scanning gel. It is highly conductive for sharp and vivid scans, whilst its bacteriostatic qualities reduce the risk of bacterial infection for better peace of mind.

The greaseless, odourless hypoallergenic formulation leaves no stain and does not irritate the skin, translating into a comfortable experience for patients.


ECG gel

Sky Gel ECG Gel is a water-based ECG gel formulated with high conductivity and viscosity to reduce friction during electrocardiogram (ECG) processes and is able to last through long procedures. It is designed to be able to conduct minute amount of electrical signals for precise and accurate ECG readings.

The ingredients used in Sky Gel ECG are proven safe, non-toxic, skin-friendly and have passed various toxicology tests performed by independent third party testers.