VMI's trademarks are excellence in radiology and imaging diagnosis

A confirmed presence at the largest events of the global health industry, the company is preparing launches for Arab Health 2021.

VMI Medica will be part of the Brazil Pavilion in partnership with other large Brazilian institutions and with the operational and logistic support from ABIMO - Brazilian Association of Medical Devices Industry, and will present its versatile, consolidated and modern line of mobile and fixed X-ray equipment and mammography devices manufactured in Brazil.

Radiology is one of the areas of medicine that most advances in technology and modernity. The methods used during imaging exams are in constant renovation, being updated with new technologies that emerge daily, always with the objective of contributing to health and improving people's quality of life. These methods allow the evaluation of the region where the disease is as well as its extension, favoring the decision of what will be the best way to conduct the treatment.

VMI has established itself as one of the largest Brazilian industries, with strategic actions in the radiology and imaging diagnosis market, being a pioneer in the development of new specific technologies. With over 35 years in the market, the company has a solid performance in the Brazilian and international markets, exporting its products to countries in Latin America, Middle East, Asia, and North America.

In Brazil, VMI has one of the largest networks of commercial and technical representation ensuring a fast, quality, and personalized service to its customers and partners, besides having the largest factory of diagnostic imaging products in Latin America.

Guaranteed presence in health industry fairs around the world, VMI is preparing to participate in the Arab Health, one of the largest international health fairs in the Middle East.

Among VMI's launches for AH, the highlights are the mammography with tomosynthesis - DIGIMAMO, the surgical arch - FÊNIX and the versatile mobile X-ray Aquila D. All of them composed of the highest technology that ensures accurate diagnosis and the best image quality available in the market.

The company is ISO 13485 certified, which supports medical device manufacturers in developing quality management systems to establish and maintain effective processes. The standard ensures consistency of design, development, production, installation and delivery of safe medical devices in its proposal.

Products and differentials:

Digimamo TM - 3D Breast Tomosynthesis and Stereotactic Biopsy

Digimamo TM was developed to offer the best in diagnostic imaging, through the acquisition of digital images in 2D mode (conventional) and 3D (three-dimensional evaluation), and a combination of both. Tomosynthesis provides clear cross-sectional images of the breast, and with reduced tissue overlap in the image, cancer cells have fewer places to hide, reducing false positives.

Fênix - Digital C-Arm

The Fênix is the first equipment in Brazil with dynamic digital detectors that allow better management of doses of ionizing radiation. Developed to have maximum efficiency with high durability and robustness for prolonged use during operations, Fênix combines the necessary handling in operating rooms, with technological resources capable of providing excellent quality images at lower exposure doses.

Aquila_D_Series Mobile Digital X-Ray

Small, light, easy to handle, high power 320 mA equipped with high technology with capacitive discharge. Wireless technology for capturing and transmitting images. Aquila also has the technology of generating x-rays with power through a capacitive bank that provides high performance and radiological quality in a simple three-pin socket.