gSource releases new line of instruments: g2

gSource, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of an additional line of surgical instruments to its expanding family: gSecondary, also known as g2. These instruments are the finest quality instruments made outside of Germany, primarily in Pakistan, from OR quality surgical grade steel.

Emerson, NJ 13 January 2022

“The g2 line from gSource is simply a lower-cost alternative to our large line of instruments made in Germany,” says Gerd Billman, President. “Quality is always gSource’s top priority, and all g2 instruments are manufactured in strict compliance with the FDA’s CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices). This regulation requires that various specifications and controls be established for devices; that devices be designed under a quality system to meet these specifications; that devices be manufactured under a quality system; that finished devices meet these specifications; that devices be correctly installed, checked, and serviced; that quality data be analyzed to identify and correct quality problems; and that complaints be processed. It basically helps assure that medical devices are safe and effective for their intended use,” says Billmann. 

Over 200 patterns are available right now for commonly used general instruments for a portion of the price of German surgical instruments. “We stand behind our claim that these are the finest instruments made outside of Germany and offer the same guarantee on g2 instruments as our gSource instruments,” says Billmann. 

About gSource
Founded in 1999, gSource is committed to putting the finest instruments into the hands of surgeons and their teams. Whether crafted from German surgical stainless steel, or machined from U.S. surgical stainless steel, gSource instruments are recognized by their finely finished surface and are designed to perform with precise surgical function. They are also conceived to be affordable. It is this combination that distinguishes the gSource brand.

More than a source for quality instrumentation, gSource is an advocate for the orthopedic and spinal community. The company is relied upon to provide superior instrumentation for surgical procedures, and do so in a time-critical fashion. With the ability to create entirely new instruments in a timely and economical manner, and an inventory of over 4,100 patterns available for same day shipment, many world leaders and innovators in orthopedics and spine have found in gSource a trusted and reliable partner. The company is ISO 13485:2016 Certified.

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