NovaProbe pushes boundaries by developing the UHDCAM 4K in its Generation Next line of laparoscopic surgical equipment

Emerging technologies
The future of 4K in the medical industry

It's been a tough year” says NovaProbe’s CEO Manish Ingle, “Especially for those of us in the medical industry. NovaProbe would first like to thank YOU and all of the doctors in our global community who have sacrificed on the front lines during this pandemic. It’s clear after this past year that advanced technological equipment can greatly improve the life expectancy and health outcomes of our global population. The medical industry has a great need for safe, affordable and quality care. Here at NovaProbe, our expert engineers spent the last year enhancing our Generation Next line of products, and this year at Arab Health, we are excited to share our research with the world by showcasing the UHDCAM 4K, the world’s first fully embedded, touch enabled 4K visualization system.”

See the difference, feel the difference
Focus on what really matters most-the surgery

Offering unparalleled surgical visualizations with built-in 4K video and image capture, NovaProbe’s Generation Next line of devices are at the forefront of laparoscopic surgical technology. “The UHDCAM 4K delivers truly innovative features,” says Dr. Kavathe, a laparoscopic surgeon who uses the UHDCAM4K. “This compact system offers a great visual performance to smoothly operate complicated surgeries. Soothing colours, and smooth and continuous frame rates give a wonderful picture. The best part is all the visualization functions like, brightness, contrast, gain, exposure, recordings, photos & most importantly ZOOM, all can be controlled by a tablet which is connected to the Novaprobe UHDCAM4K system by Bluetooth.” With the ease of use of the NovaProbe interface, surgeons can now focus on surgery rather than on visualization controls.

Dr. Kavathe goes on to note that “Moreover, recording & photos also can be taken with a built-in recorder, so no external device is necessary. This has an added advantage as the surgeon can rewind a recording on the operation table itself & see again any bleeding or injury happened. This will give more information for corrections on the table itself if any complications have occurred.” Real time visual feedback at 4K resolutions can help improve surgical outcomes and increase the health and safety of our patients. The UHDCAM 4K provides these features and more.

Experts at Work
Developing devices with industry leading surgeons world wide.

One may be in awe of the rapid growth of NovaProbe’s product line- it seems their engineers never stop inventing. More important than the constant progression of their devices, is the attention to detail NovaProbe puts into getting the little things just right. NovaProbe devices are engineered hand-in-hand with the people who matter the most- industry leading surgeons who provide live surgical feedback. In particular, the UHDCAM 4K touch screen interface and remote control tablet system were developed with surgeon feedback, live from the operating room. Another surgeon preferred feature is the UHDCAM 4K’s capability to transfer all image files, video files and patient data to auto-generate surgical reports. The auto-generated report feature greatly increases the accuracy of reporting and allows the surgeon to spend less time with paperwork and more time with patients. CEO Ingle, who comes from a family of engineers goes on to say “We put a lot of thought into how things function. It’s not enough to have the most advanced technology on the market if the interface is not user friendly, or if it isn’t solving real-time issues in the surgery room. NovaProbe’s Generation Next line delivers on both ends.”

Improved Point of Care in Developing Countries
Reducing healthcare costs and increasing access to mobile tools.

NovaProbe’s Generation Next line offers complete, fully embedded systems which allow for greater mobility in parts of the world where surgical equipment is not a stationary fixture. NovaProbe takes into consideration the needs of the greater global market, and understands that giant hardware and mounted equipment are not viable options for our surgeons on the go. Without compromising power, speed or UHD capabilities, NovaProbe has eliminated extraneous hardware to create a compact and touch enabled 4K device. The UHDCAM 4Ks model is the sleekest model in the Generation Next line of products, offering the full capabilities of the LED and XENON light sources in a smaller package.

Accelerated Growth
Always inventing and investing.

NovaProbe continues to push the boundaries, making great contributions to advance the field of laparoscopic surgery. NovaProbe’s Marketing Director, Rachael Bollens, says “We are extremely proud of what we have built. From weathering a pandemic, to being named a top 100 company in Pennsylvania, USA, to becoming an internationally renowned name in the medical device industry, here at NovaProbe we are always inventing and always growing. By constantly investing in our own expansion, we are able to develop and deliver new technologies at a rate that matches the needs of the industry itself. The UHDCAM4K and 4Ks models in particular, address the desire for more advanced visualization technologies at UHD & full 4K resolutions, that are sleek and compact, user-friendly and affordable.”

When we can’t afford to wait
What we learned from this past year

What if all hospitals around the world had access to the most affordable, most advanced medical devices available? Now more than ever, the greater health of our global community depends on affordable access to quality medical devices. NovaProbe provides this access and more, recognizing the needs of our global industry, and delivering advanced technology at prices the industry can afford. Their latest releases, the UHDCAM4K and 4Ks models are no exception. By continuing to expand the limits of what technology can do for us, NovaProbe brings the future of medical care to the population of today-because we can’t afford to wait.

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Visit NovaProbe at the USA Partnership Pavilion, at booth # H1 D15 to meet our CEO, Manish Ingle. You can learn more about our emerging technologies, partnership and vendor opportunities, and even try out the UHDCAM 4K for yourself!

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