Rostec to present new water treatment and newborn care technologies in Dubai

28 January 2017

Russian developments that can help tackle a number of pressing issues faced by the Gulf countries, such as postnatal care for prematurely born babies and lack of water resources, will be presented at the 42nd Arab Health Exhibition & Congress 2017. The event will be held from January 30 through February 2 in Dubai.

At the exhibition, one of the world's leading manufacturers of neonatal equipment, Shvabe, a Russian holding company forming part of Rostec Corporation, will demonstrate resuscitation, anesthetic and intensive care equipment for children and adults. Key new products to be presented by the company include the latest developments in the field of newborn care: the IDN-03 intensive care incubator, the OFN-03 phototherapy lamp and the ODN-01 heater. Neonatal devices manufactured by Shvabe are used for therapy, nursing and effective resuscitation of premature and waster newborns with pathologies and extremely low body weight (from 500 g). For many years, Shvabe medical equipment has been reducing infant mortality in Russia and in clinics abroad.

"The medical equipment market in the United Arab Emirates is a very attractive platform for foreign trade activity. Currently, the Middle East accounts for over 10% of medical equipment exported by the Holding. In the long term, we are planning to increase this share considerably by extending our distributors' list," said the general director of Shvabe Alexei Patrikeyev.

The potential for an increase in the company's exports is based on the plans of the UAE government to maintain a sustainably high rate of survival of premature babies. At present, 10% of all babies are born prematurely, which is one of the main causes of infant mortality. Data as of the end of 2015 show that 996 out of 1,000 prematurely born babies survive, which is comparable to survival rates in Europe and America.

Scarcity of water resources is another crucial issue that Russian developments to be presented at the Arab Health 2017 Exhibition will help to tackle. The United Arab Emirates rank among the ten countries with the scarcest water resources; at the same time, the country has one of the highest per capita water consumption rates, which is two times higher than the global average (550 liters and 250 liters per capita respectively).

At the Made in Moscow integrated exposition to be held by Russian companies, Shvabe will demonstrate the MO-80 water treatment plant designed by the Polyus R&D institute for effective water treatment and disinfection. The fully automated equipment removes iron, manganese, copper, sulfur, phosphorus, organic substances (including oil products) and other chemical compounds.

In addition, visitors of the exhibition will be able to find out more about MAIA-01, a Russian multi-purpose device for inhalational anesthesia which provides artificial lung ventilation, general anesthesia and integrated monitoring of the breathing mixture for children and adults. It helps doctors to provide inhalational anesthesia using all types of liquid and gaseous anesthetics with minimum health effects.

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Development and manufacturing of medical equipment is one of key lines of the Holding's activity. Currently, there are more than 200 Shvabe-branded medical products.