The SCENAR devices at Arab Health 2021

An entire physiotherapy cabinet now fits in your pocket! Portable electrotherapy device shows great results in pain relief and many more! 

Booth No. Z2.L51

The upcoming Arab Health 2021 exhibition will host the manufacturers of one of the most innovative medical technology – the SCENAR devices. Initially created for the Russian space industry, SCENAR is a Class IIa medical device for bio-controlled electrostimulation in order to eliminate pain and other related conditions. This is a portable device that can replace a physiotherapy cabinet.

The concept of a unique portable medical device called SCENAR was created in the 1980s by a group of ambitious Russian scientists. Requested by the government, it was originally developed for the needs of the Soviet army forces and space industry. The idea of replacing the first aid kit with just one simple-to-operate device and having a reliable lightweight portable medical device which positive effects can be easily obtained on the Earth’s orbit was fascinating and defined the future way of SCENAR development for many years.

As it happened with other formerly secret technologies like the Internet or GPS, SCENAR became available for everyone and rapidly gained popularity in Russia. From the beginning of the XXI century, it started to spread around the world and now is one of the most advanced treatment devices.

SCENAR uses a unique technology of adjusting to physiological neuro impulses of the body that helps it to activate the recovery processes and achieve quick positive results. Its main purpose is pain management, but it is proven to be effective in the treatment of such conditions as the pain of unknown origin, myositis, fibromyalgia, acute and subacute traumas, edemas, and lymphedemas, neuritis, chronic pain, postsurgical and posttraumatic pains.

SCENAR has a wide range of effects:



• Anti-edematic

• Sanogenous

• Anti-inflammatory

• Lymphatic drainage

• Myostimulation

• Increased blood circulation

• Increased permeability of tissues

• General regulation

• Antioxidant system activation

• Autonomous system stabilization

• Immune response activation


SCENAR is efficiently used in:


• General care

• Urgent care

• General surgery and traumatology

• Sports medicine

• Neurology

• Urology, Gynaecology, Andrology

• Rehabilitation

• Palliative care

• Aesthetic medicine

• Dentistry


The unique effects of SCENAR are based on scientific research, which results were proved by decades of clinical practice. In order to make it even more effective and improve the patient’s well-being, the research never ends – currently, the scientific work is carried out in the Institute of Pain (France), Australia, and New Zealand, and recently the research aimed at expanding the scope of application was successfully made in Spain. Overall, there are more than several dozens of scientific works observing SCENAR. All that allowed SCENAR to be officially approved effective not only for pain relief but for treatment purposes as well.

The representatives of the manufacturer will host all attendees of Arab Health 2021 in booth No. Z2.L51. There is a wide range of models that can fit any needs and budget, from the most advanced professional device for medical professionals to a simple two-mode device, which is simple and easy to operate even for elderly people.

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