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Cre8 - Ignite Imagination, Inspire Innovation

The UAE has been at the forefront of innovation, particularly in the healthcare sector. However, the landscape is ever evolving, with numerous challenges thus needing fresh and creative solutions. Cre8 also contributes to the UAE's broader vision of fostering an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship. Thereby harnessing the potential of university students and creating impactful solutions for the future and address the evolving healthcare landscape.

Through this competition, we seek to tap into the wealth of untapped talent and creativity within UAE universities. Cre8’s aim is to encourage students to think critically about real-world problems, come up with innovative solutions, and learn how to present and implement their ideas.

29 Jan - 1 Feb 2024

Dubai World Trade Centre


  • To inspire, encourage, and nurture students from various universities in Dubai to imagine, innovate, and create using an imaginary budget of 100,000 AED.

  • Foster Innovation: Cre8 inspires students to ideate creatively, strategies financially, and plan projects realistically within an imaginary budget.

  • Encourage Entrepreneurship: Cre8 provides students a platform to propose, defend their own ideas, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit like real-world experiences.

  • Address Healthcare Challenges: Cre8 motivates students to create solutions for real-world healthcare problems.

Competition Format

  • The top 4 teams will be selected for the competition

  • Each team will have 5 mins to pitch followed by 5 mins of Q&A with Judges

  • The top 3 will be selected: 1 winner, 1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up.


  • Come up with an idea within the budget provided that is related to a field of medicine (can be discipline e.g. radiology, oncology, diabetes or Alzheimers)
  • The idea should solve some sort of problem/issue in that field OR come up with an idea that does something better of something that already exists.
  • They should propose a business plan indicating:
    • How they landed to the idea i.e what research was done to find this gap in the market
    • How they allocate the budget
    • How they will hypothetically produce it, and how the clinical trials will run (if applicable)
    • How they will market it to individuals in the field
    • How they will measure the success of the product