27 - 30 Jan 2025

Dubai World Trade Centre

From lab to living room: The role of tech in tomorrow's healthcare 




Tuesday 30th January | 12:30

Transformation Zone | P.K.10




Apps now combine virtual consultations, remote monitoring, and unprecedented health/medical expertise access. We explore the future of health tech trends, from the rise of wearable devices to the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Discover how these innovations are creating a proactive healthcare delivery and actively addressing gaps in accessibility to medical services.




Mark Anthony Maycroft
Senior Product Manager Pura

PureHealth Group

As a science enthusiast, Mark constantly pushes boundaries to deliver innovative health products, driven by a vision to impact millions worldwide and foster happier, healthier lives positively. As Senior Product Manager at PureHealth, Mark leads the strategic development of Pura, an AI health companion aimed at revolutionizing healthcare through accessible preventative solutions. His commitment to merging technology and healthcare aligns with PureHealth's mission to transform the healthcare landscape. Mark's leadership positions him as a prominent figure in advancing wellbeing and reshaping the future of healthcare through innovation and accessibility.