Live in-person:

30 Jan - 2 Feb 2023

Dubai World Trade Centre


4 Jan - 2 Mar 2023

Digital Health - Seperating signals from the noise




 Wednesday, 1 February | 15:00

Intelligent Health Pavilion | P.H14




“Digital health – separating signals from the noise”

In contrast to the PC/Internet and smartphone eras, digital health developments look quite discombobulated. In this talk, the speaker brings forth a coherent view of convergence and evolution in Digital health as a stack of related capabilities from devices to data analytics. He will illustrate, with examples from iMedrix' extensive experience providing mobile and telecardiology solutions,  how the stack works and evolves. 

Key learnings:

  • The need for robust, diagnostic grade devices in the field
  • How to build end to end solutions with real time response
  • Common threads across seemingly diverse regulations around the globe

Company bio

iMedrix provides diagnostic solutions producing clinical grade ECG traces with device accuracy proved in more than 350,000 ECGs across 15 countries. iMedrix is committed to revolutionizing cardiac health care with its Artificial intelligence (AI), Cloud Technology, and Machine learning (ML) for quick diagnosis and accurate clinical decisions. iMedrix provides cutting-edge medical technology through KardioScreen, a totally mobile, connected 12 & 6 lead, US FDA-cleared electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG).



Prof. Srikanth Jadcherla
Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, iMedrix Inc.
Founder, Professor and Chairman, Global Technology University 

Prof. Srikanth Jadcherla is a well-known Low Power Electronics Guru, technologist, serial entrepreneur, investor and pioneering educator. He is an accomplished global executive who built profitable companies from the ground up and demonstrated pioneering engineering excellence with widespread impact. Almost all the mobile and consumer electronics in the world today use his work. As an educator, he has been delivering affordable online education in Computer Engineering for over a decade, making it his legacy.

Currently, Prof. Srikanth is bringing affordable access to healthcare to people all over the planet through iMedrix, initially focusing on heart disease. He also actively advises and incubates digital health startups under the umbrella of Medical is the New Mobile™.

Previously, Prof. Srikanth was Group Director of R&D in the Low Power Verification Group at Synopsys. He joined Synopsys as part of the ArchPro acquisition, where he was founder and CTO. Archpro secured investment from Intel Capital and Entrepia. Most of the System on Chip ICs in the world today use his fundamental work on Voltage Aware Boolean Algebra.

Prof. Srikanth was an IC designer and architect at companies such as WSI, Intel, Jasmine and Synopsys. He received an Intel Achievement Award, Intel’s highest honor, for his work on low power and is the author of 13 patents/applications. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from IIT-Madras in India, and a master’s degree in computer science and engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara.