27 - 30 Jan 2025

Dubai World Trade Centre

Overview of Estonian digital healthcare system - opportunities for business and R&D in digital medicine 




Wednesday 31st January | 16:00

Transformation Zone | P.K.10




The talk will initially give and overview of how Estonia has built up its digital healthcare infrastructure in the recent years followed by summary of products and services used by locals daily. Additionally, the presentation highlights possibilities the digital healthcare system offers for companies for R&D, product testing and validation of business strategies. This is done by sharing examples of successful use-cases developed in Estonia and/or utilizing the possibilities of a fully digitialized state.



Mart Toots
Development Manager


Mart has a Ph.D. in biomedical technology and international private and public sector in biomedical research including antiviral drug development, antibody production etc. Mart’s research has resulted in four patents and numerous peer-reviewed publications in top-tier journals. Research has focused on oncogenic viruses, emerging RNA viruses and biomolecule production technologies in mammalian cells. Currently, Mart is a development manager at Estonian Innovation Agency where his responsibilities are R&D and business consulting, international partnerships and funding. He is responsible for developing the Applied Research Program so that companies would receive sufficient support to reach their R&D goals and realize business opportunities. Additionally, the program supports the development of Estonian ecosystem to offer competitive opportunities for piloting, research and real-life testing.