27 - 30 Jan 2025

Dubai World Trade Centre

Connected Care - Driving quality of care through advanced analytics and technology  




Monday 29th January | 15:30

Transformation Zone | P.K.10




There is a growing importance of digital transformation in healthcare and the need for a holistic approach to leverage data and technology for better patient care and outcomes. The session emphasizes on a shift towards out-of-hospital and preventative care, as well as the utilization of data as the cornerstone of healthcare's future. There is a need for a connected healthcare platform to address common data challenges and drive improved care delivery, operational efficiency, and research initiatives.


Learning objectives


  • An understanding of how real-time data collection and analysis contribute to improved patient care and outcomes.

  • An understanding of how personalized medicine and targeted interventions contribute to more effective and efficient healthcare practices.

  • A thorough understanding of the concept of centralized digital centers and their role in facilitating decision-making processes within healthcare systems, exploring the integration of digital technologies to enhance overall efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Focus on next-generation interoperability and operational management, gaining insights into how these advancements contribute to out-of-hospital and preventative care.



Dean Summerfield
Senior Vice President, Real-world & Commercial Services, EMEA


Dean leads IQVIA’s Real World & Commercial Solutions in the Europe, Middle East, Africa and South Asia (EMEA) region. Over 25 years experience in professional services in the life sciences and healthcare sectors, working with a diverse range of biotech, medical device and pharmarceutical companies as well as several non-life sciences organisations on issues spanning the spectrum of clinical, regulatory, marketing, market access, medical and commercial functions.

Dean is also accountable for IQVIA’s EMEA business with governments and related institutions, payer agencies and healthcare provider organisations, including the collaborations and partnerships with leading hospital and clincal research sites. Extensive international experience in over 60 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Dean holds a D.Phil., M.A. and B.A. in Chemistry from the University of Oxford.

Joanne Hackett
Vice President and Head of Genomic and Precision Medicine


Joanne M. Hackett is Vice President and Head of Genomic and Precision Medicine at IQVIA and previously was the Chief Commercial Officer at Genomics England.

Dr Hackett is a clinical academic, entrepreneur, investor, and a strategic, creative visionary with global experience spanning successful start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Aside from her curious passion for life and positivity, Joanne is known for building innovation, driving personalised medicine and leading through fast paced, complex changing ecosystems and integrations. Joanne's goal is to contribute to bringing the world novel, cost effective and simple health care solutions, and she is particularly keen on building the case for prevention, open science and citizen genomics. She has extensive global experience across academic, business and clinical institutions, and enjoys sharing her experiences with the Boards she sits on as well as companies she provides strategic advice to.

Joanne has been publicly recognised for her relentless pursuit of revolutionising healthcare and has been named one of the top six Influential Leaders in Healthcare by CIO Look, the Accenture Life Science Leader of the year, Freshfields Top 100 Most Influential Women, One HealthTech Top 70 Women in the NHS, Pharmaceutical Market Europe’s 30 women leaders in UK healthcare and BioBeat Top 50 Women in Biotech Award. Joanne believes in human courage and perseverance against the odds, and demonstrates that positive change, whether in a company or in one’s personal life, can be carved out from even the greatest of trials. As a believer of ‘health = wealth’, Joanne is an internationally known yoga instructor.