OASIS+ Overview


OASIS+ is a robust and integrated web-based hospital information management system that adopts the latest cutting-edge technologies to meet rapidly changing business requirements. It is developed in modules or sub-systems that can stand independently or be combined into a common central database that addresses all areas of health care activities with hospital.

User Experience

Enhanced user experience for better usability through adopting modern technologies.

Global Standards

Compliance with global standards to provide better interoperability using IHE standards to communicate with other systems and devices.

Modular Offerings

OASIS+ is a modular system that can be offered in different flavors to fit different sizes of hospitals.

Seamless integration

Share information across all hospital facilities using the same system through its modules, ensuring consistency and integrity of information.

Secure Environment

OASIS+ security ensures sensitive system functions and information can be accessed only by that hospital authorized employees. The security levels can be customized to fit hospital departments and positions in the system by hospital staff.