Simplicity at your Fingertips- Vivo 2 


The Vivo 2 is a new generation ventilator designed for personalized and comfortable non-invasive respiratory support for non-dependent patients with chronic breathing insufficiency. The intuitive interface ensures ease of use. A comprehensive set of modes and extensive monitoring capabilities allow for great flexibility, making the ventilator a perfect choice for a variety of patients.


  • One Platform-Three Models
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Integrated Humidifier with heated wire circuit


  • Wide range of Modes
  • Adult and paediatric (>10kg)
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Extensive therapy data
  • Suitable for use in hospital and home
  • Closer monitoring with Breas accessory box


  • Ready for Breas Connected Care Solutions:
    • On-Demand Hi-Resolution breath-by-breath data
    • Seamless communication between colleagues and caregiving team
    • Tailored alerts based on patient needs
  • Breas PC Software:
    • Review Summary and Detailed data
    • Live-Viewer