Quality Management Conference

31 January-1 February 2022 | Attend Online


13th Quality Management in Healthcare conference

Healthcare globally is undergoing rapid transformation. The 13th edition of the Quality Management conference will address the issues of how to maintain or improve existing healthcare systems while facing continuing pressure on resources and increasing demand for services. 

What's new:

  • More international speakers from new demographic regions
  • Dedicated discussions following each session
  • The latest perspectives on solutions to the key challenges in the field of healthcare quality management

Key topics:

  • Patient-centred care
  • Quality improvement
  • Leadership & culture
  • Risk management
  • Digital Health, AI, and technology
  • Workforce safety

Benefits of attending:

  • Discuss strategy to encourage a ‘culture of quality’ for improved excellence within healthcare facilities
  • Explore the role of e-health in quality management and identify innovative tools and the latest technology enabling quality improvement
  • Review updates in healthcare quality standards and accreditation, to expand knowledge, encourage compliance, and uphold best practice
  • Gain insight on how clinicians can be empowered to drive and sustain improvement without compromising on their health and well-being
  • Evaluate different quality tools and techniques to improve patient care and safety

Who should attend:

  • Heads of Quality
  • Quality Managers, Quality Specialists or Quality Analysts
  • Quality Assurance Officers or Quality Assurance Coordinators
  • Quality Improvement Managers
  • Risk & Project Managers
  • Patient Safety Officers
  • Accreditation Officers
  • Education Co-ordinators
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Allied Health Professionals

Conference Chair:

Activity Director:
Dr Amrit Gill,
Paediatrician & Associate Chief Safety Officer, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Co-Activity Director
Dr Samer Ellahham,
Regional Chair, Middle East, Patient Safety Movement Foundation; Director of Accreditation, Cleveland Clinic Caregiver, Senior Cardiovascular Consultant, Heart and Vascular Institute, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, UAE