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Thursday February 1st 2024 | 10.00 - 14.00
Museum of the Future

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Reverse aging and longevity

Future Health Summit will host the most immersive and exclusive event, specifically designed for esteemed senior government officials and CEOs operating within the healthcare sector. This summit will focus on the theme of "Reverse aging and longevity", with a strong emphasis on revolutionising health span, the summit aims to reveal remarkable breakthroughs in the field of reverse aging and longevity.  

A Futuristic Exploration of Reverse Aging and Longevity

  • Welcome address Power of Genetics: Exploring the role of personalised medicine in unlocking Longevity and Reverse Aging 
  • Keynote: The Science of Age Reversal: Exploring Novel Strategies to Slow Down and Repair the Aging Process
  • From Science Fiction to Science Fact: Embracing Disruptive Innovations to Redefine the Human Lifespan
  • Integrating lifespan with health span: Quality of life with longevity
  • Capitalising on the Longevity Revolution: Investment Trends and Funding Opportunities in the Age of Reverse Aging in the Region

Why reverse aging and longevity?

In the UAE and Gulf, a groundbreaking vision aims to boost lifespans. The upcoming health summit gathers experts to explore recent developments, tech, and key players behind this goal. In a time of rapid scientific progress, reverse aging and longevity research stand out as crucial areas of interest.
National Vision: Entrepreneurs and sector leaders benefit by attending the summit, as increasing federal investments are anticipated. 

Strategic Business: Empowers C-suite executives with insights into transformative technologies and therapies. Staying connected enables companies to lead, innovate, and gain an edge.

Engaging Thought Leaders: Interaction with field pioneers and researchers. Partnership Potential: Summit fosters new collaborations and business prospects.

Ethical Dialogue: The summit unites corporate and government figures, spurring innovative solutions to ethical and societal questions tied to reverse aging and longevity research.

Meet our Speakers

Shaista Asif

Group CEO, PureHealth

Dr Fatima Al Kaabi

Director General, Emirates Drug Establishment

Dr Michael Ringel

Managing Director and Senior Partner, BCG

Dr. Mehmood Khan

Chief Executive Officer,
Hevolution Foundation

Sadia Khuram

Group Chief Strategy Officer,
Pure Health

Dr. Yoshiki Sawa

Professor at Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine

Evelyne Bischof

Founding Vice President Healthy Longevity Medicine Society, Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board, Longevity Science Foundation

Marc P. Bernegger

Founding Partner, Maximon and Longevity Investors Conference

Ali Hashemi

Co-Founder, GluCare

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