Onsite Branding

Be in with the crowd

Have your brand available to all show attendees by using Arab Health’s onsite branding opportunities. This popular feature insures your reach visitors not only at your stand, but also in the densely populated concourse and outdoor areas on all four days of the show.


Today - 22 July 2021

from your office or home


24 - 27 January 2022

Dubai World Trade Centre

Venue branding

We offer a wide variety of branding options throughout the venue. Select between static and digital solutions to match your company’s every need.

​The venue branding opportunities are divided between static and dynamic opportunities ranging from hall gate branded entrances, arches and flag poles to panoramic LED screens, branded columns and hanging banners.​

Pricing starts from $7,000


Have your logo worn around the necks of all attendees.

Choose to brand exhibitor lanyards, delegate lanyards, visitor lanyard, or a combination of any.

$ 80,000


Place your logo on the front and back or all Arab Health badges. Badges are required to be worn at all times by Arab Health attendees to visit the exhibition and conferences.

Choose to brand Exhibitor, Delegate, Visitor, VIP or Media badges, or a combination of any.

Visitor badges: $ 50,000 
Delegate badges: $ 15,000
Exhibitor badges: $ 7,500



Put your logo in the hands of all attendees.

Visitor bags and delegate bags are the two options available. Bags are distributed in key locations around the venue.

Delegate bags: $ 25,000
Visitor bags: $ 60,000

Bag inserts

Include your collateral in these highly sought-after bags.

Choose to place you inserts in visitor or delegate bags or both. Limited opportunities available.

Visitor bag inserts: $ 10,000
Delegate bag inserts: $ 5,000

Notepads & pens

Pens are placed at the onsite registration desks for all attendees to use and take home.

Notepads and pens are available to over 5,000 delegates to use and can be collected in the conference areas.

$ 15,000

Floor tiles

Guide attendees to your booth with these 2X2 meter floor tiles placed along main walkways and entrances to the exhibition halls.​

$ 5,000 per floor tile

Hanging banners

Increase visibility of your stand location in the exhibition hall by placing a hanging banner above it.​

This is a great opportunity to be seen from afar and to make a strong statement with your booth.​

Price starts from $3,000 (Production not included)​

“Can I help you” staff

A valuable opportunity for your brand to be present at every corner of the venue.​

The “Can I help you" staff is available to assist all attendees in finding their way around the event.​

Price: $20,000 (Exclusive opportunity)​

Info points sponsor

Info points are centralised areas where attendees can ask for help in finding their way or getting more information about the event.​

Branding the info points will give additional visibility to your brand.​

Price: $35,000 (Exclusive opportunity)​