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Orthopaedics & physiotherapy / rehabilitation

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The orthopaedics & physiotherapy / rehabilitation industry

High prevalence of orthopaedic conditions such as degenerative bone disease coupled with early onset of musculoskeletal conditions triggered by obesity and sedentary lifestyle are expected to advance the growth of the market. The rapidly growing lifestyle diseases in the GCC has prompted investments in specialised hospitals and clinics. Such centres are being built with a focus on, such as orthopaedics and offer state-of-the-art technology, enhanced patient-centric care and high-quality standards. Technological advances in 3D printing, robot-assisted surgical procedures, and smart implants further represent high impact driving factors for the global rehabilitation industry. Read full report.


Like most classically trained orthopaedists, a decade ago I was highly sceptical of stem cells and their therapeutic value. Today, as a treating physician at the Knee and Hip Institute...read more

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